DIY: Foot Soak

Home made foot soak

Happy St Patrick’s Day y’all. This day was originally about celebrating Christianity in Ireland as well as Irish culture. However, for  Aussies this day usually means wearing green and drinking as much as possible. So for those of us who are unable to go on a bender today I thought we could treat ourselves to a bright green foot soak instead.

A few weeks ago I divulged my highly complex, secret brown sugar body scrub recipe – hehe – just kidding. It’s the simplest recipe you’ve ever tried. While my foot soak is a tad more complicated it’s still as easy as finding an Irish mate to drink with you on St Patty’s Day.

Step one: I’m guessing you don’t have epsom salts lying around. Well, I didn’t anyway. Chemist Warehouse stocks them and they are cheap as chips, but don’t taste as good. If you can’t be stuffed to leave the house today (fair enough – Sundays are for chilling out after all) you could try rock salt or granulated sugar.


Scrub without food colouring

Step two: In a bowl mix epsom salts and slowly add oil until it gets to a squishy texture. You still want it a bit hard and crunchy but the oils will help soften the feet. I used almond oil and lavender essential oil because that’s what was in my cupboard but you could also use peppermint, coconut or olive oil. Do not put fresh mint into it like I did as it then has a super fast expiry date.

Step three: Scoop it into a jar.

Step four: Enjoy pampering yourself.

For a peppermint foot soak check out posts by Echoes of Laughter and Always Order Dessert.

Also, here are my tips for achieving a green eye makeup look in case you were planning to pop out for a Guinness or two. If you do, have one for me.

Foot soak as christmas present

Foot soak as Christmas present

Tell us in the comments below what you’re up to this Patty’s Day. Also, if anyone has any DIY recipes they’d like to share please email us or let us know in the comments below. We’re always after home-made treats.

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