Olives for anti ageing and dehydrated skin

Olives for anti ageing skin

I’ve been unwell. Ah, woe is I. When I’m sick all I want to do is lie in bed with my laptop. As usual, I became stuck in a YouTube blackhole. You ever go there? It’s so very difficult to get out of it once you’re in. Two hours later I discovered two wonderful things. 1) I am in love with Rebel Wilson and 2) Botani has a YouTube channel with some interesting facts and tips.

Phwoar, you woulda though that a little-wittle olive pip could assist with anti ageing and dehydrated skin? Olive squalene is an oil sourced from the olive pip. It has anti-ageing properties and is a natural alternative to paraffin oil. You can find olive squalene in Botani’s olive serum – recommend for eczema, psoriasis and also to wear as a primer to set your make-up for the day.

The ladies at Botani give us a bit more information on the benefits of using olives in beauty products. Fast forward to 5 minutes in. (Disclaimer: music is a bit daggy-corporate but we love Botani and forgive them.)

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