Maniday: Black and White Reverse French Mani

It’s maniday. Every Monday we like to share what we’re wearing on our nails and why.


Brand: Face of Australia

Colour: Cool Cotton and Scream from their Colour Pro Enamel range.

Cost: $6.95. I bought mine from K-mart but you can also find it at Priceline. Or shop online.

Why I Wore It: Day two of Fox in Flats style dare inspired me to go black and white. I tried the reverse French polish for Valentine’s day with a pair of clippers and sticky tape.  This time, however, I was going to be more “pro” and use those French polish stickers. Alas, I failed in my mission.


Verdict (Yay or Nay): This was a big fat NAY! I should have painted the entire nail white instead of the top third. When I added the first coat of black the colour was uneven.

Also, leaving it so long for two coats to dry meant when I took off the stickers, little chunks of polish came off. My end result = smudgy mess. And so dear readers, my experimentation with reverse polish must continue – for the greater good, of course.


This is what failure looks like

Any tips on mastering the French polish are very welcomed. Let us know in the comments below.

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