13 Tips For This Month’s Style Dares


After an awesome run of FABruary with thousands of pics uploaded, Fox in Flats is taking the styledares into March and we couldn’t be more pleased. It’s the perfect way to step out of your comfort zone or find an excuse to dig out those neglected items from your wardrobe. If you’re yet to take part I really recommend it. The Fox in Flats community are so supportive and encouraging. And it’s just a lot of fun. Here are some ideas to keep it cruelty free.

Image by Karla Powell

Image from Karla Powell

Day 2 – Black and White

There are so many ways to have fun with black and white nails. Experiment with pandas, skulls, dice, bow ties, spots or stipes.

Get creative with Australis black and white crackle, or try their blackmail polish. Face of Australia’s  colour pro nail enamel comes in both black and white. If you want to go fancy Adorn does a black nail colour for $34 – cor blimey.

photo-6Getting out of my comfort zone with liner on the waterline

Day 3 – Combat

I know what I’ll be wearing today. Face of Australia’s khaki eyeliner. Well, it’s called Jade but  it reminds me of army-green too. I first wore it for my Australia Day post and I really like it’s subtlety.

Prefer shadow to liner?  AdornInika and Australis have you covered.

If you’re on the hunt for some combat polish check out Face of Australia’s Molten Metallics in verdigis or trackie dacks by Australis.

Australis Valentine and Natio BurgundyAustralis Valentine polish and Natio Mulberry

 Day 4 French

For Valentine’s Day I experimented with a colourful French tip. All you need is some sticky tape and nail clippers. It’s a great intro into “nail art”. If you want the more classic look try Natio’s French polish.

Australis colour inject mineral lipstick - jitterbug

Australis colour inject mineral lipstick – jitterbug

Day 8 Red lipstick

Red lips are for everyone. We ran a mammoth post on this earlier this month and had our readers send in pics of them with a ruby pout.

Emma Salkild's review of Barry M eyeshadow pencil in Bronze for My Fair LipstickEyeshadow ten minutes after application

Day 9 – Gold

Put some gold on your peepers with Barry M. Or try LushInika and Face of Australia.

For Australia Day I used Eureka, a gold glitter top coat polish by Australis. Face of Australia’s Molten Metalics has a gold shade too.

Day 12 – Matte

Innoxa has a matte lipstick range. I’ve forbidden myself from any more nail polish but I really want Natio’s tangerine. It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

Natio's lemon

Natio’s lemon with Australis Eureka top coat

Day 13 – Yellow

I’ve been using Natio’s lemon on my nails which also featured on Australia Day. Face of Australia have three shades to choose from including pretty pastel to it’s-almost-burning-my-eyes bright yellow.

Get some toxic-free yellow eye shadow from Adorn for $15.

Natio moisturising lip balm with SPF 30

Day 19 – Less than $5

Australis Rub-A-DuB-Dub nail polish is on sale for $4 and would be perfect for Day 13. For other nail bargains try Face of Australia’s BrightsMolten Metalicspretty pastels and luxe range for $4.95.

My favourite lip balm at the moment is Natio’s moisturising lip balm for $4.95. Or try Moogoo’s tingling honey lips for $4.50.

Face of AUstralia navy liquid liner and Natio teal nail polish in Little Treasures range

Can’t wait to try these babies out

Day 20 – Got the Blues

I’ve been waiting for an excuse to branch out into blue liquid liner. I’ve picked up a Face of Australia one, but Innoxa does a blue liquid liner too.

I’ll be wearing Natio’s teal on my fingers. Or Face of Australia have five shades of blue from a light pastel blue to a dark and sparkly.

Day 21 – Fresh Face

Before you go sans make-up why not indulge in a face mask by A’Kin, Aesop or Sukin? Because you’re worth it.


Day 23 – Rock Chic

Today is not the day for pastels or gloss. Big hair, dark nails, and liner on your water line should do the trick. But most importantly, it’s all about the attitude. Have fun and don’t give a crap what people think.

Day 25 – Silver

Silver works best as an accessory. Get some on your fingers with Face of Australia’s Molten Metalics or try foil spoil by Australis.

For some pretty eyes Lush and Inika are your go-to brands.

Face of Australia's liquid liner

Face of Australia’s liquid liner

Day 28 – Black Beauty

I’ll be wearing Australis’s new curve liquid liner. In the past I’ve found Face of Australia’s great to use, especially when practising cat eyes. Oh, and make sure to add two coats of mascara to really get those eyes popping.

For nail tips look at Day 2 above.

Hope y’all have a great March. Let us know how you go 🙂 x

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