Five Faves for February


1) No Drought Dry Shampoo by Lush. I use this about four times a week – every week. It’s a lifesaver. And the most cost effective dry shampoo I’ve come across (short of using bicarb soda or baby powder).

I heart FAO lipgloss

I heart FOA lip shine

2) Face Of Australia’s torquay lip gloss. We saw quite a bit of soft pinks at the Oscars – a trend I’m really looking forward to. While I’ve been venturing out with the bright lipstick colours I’m a glossy gal at heart.

Australis Valentine

3) Australis – Valentine. I’m a nail polish addict and I can’t list my five faves without throwing one into the mix. I spoke a bit (well, at great length) about red nails earlier this month and this was my colour of choice. It’s that classic red that I keep going back to and will continue to wear each season.


4) Em’s DIY Body Scrub. I’m so proud of myself for making this even though a 4-year-old could do it. It works a treat too – just don’t eat it – no matter how good it smells.

I got my hair done before my Tassie trip

Holidaying in Tassie with De Lorenzo colour

5) De Lorenzo foils. Oh man, I was so relieved when my hairdresser said she could use cruelty-free products on my hair. When I made the pledge to go cruelty free I thought my hairdressing days were over. Yay for De Lorenzo and their amazing colours. Also, my hairdresser is pretty rad too.

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