DIY: Brown Sugar Body Scrub


Is your skin feeling a little parched after too much sea and sun? A scrub can do wonders for skin. Sugar-based scrubs are great for people with sensitive skin as they’re more gentle than their salt-based cousins. Store-bought sugar scrubs can set you back between $15-$70 (yes SEVENTY) buckaroos. But this beauty product is one of the simplest and cheapest items you can make at home, from the couch. The brown sugar will exfoliate the dead skin while the oil works its magic leaving your skin feeling silky soft.

My four-step guide to the easiest and awesomest body scrub (if I do say so myself).

Step One: Get yourself a glass of red wine – this is optional but it was how I began the process.

Step Two: Plonk yourself down on the couch in front of the TV with red wine while watching Bored to Death (again, this is optional but that TV show is amazing – even if it did get cancelled).

Step Three: Mix together the brown sugar, almond oil and/or coconut oil. Just keep whacking it in until the consistency seems right. If you don’t have almond or coconut oil replace with olive oil.

Step Four: Whack it in a container.

And voila – SCRUBBY SCRUB SCRUB for the tub – or shower.


This stuff smells so frikkin amazing I was pretty much ready to eat it. But I found the almond oil makes it feel more “beauty product” and less “odd food group – must refraining from eating”. Now I can make my own body scrub for mere pennies (or dollars at the most) I am never going back. This stuff rocks. Keep this recipe in mind for Christmas too. I gave it to some family friends last year. I like to think they loved it but I forgot to use an airtight container and it leaked. Whoopsie.

For more brown sugar body scrub recipes (that are a smidge more fancy) check out:

Corrie’s with vitamin E, vanilla and honey

* Ponte Vedra Soap Shoppe with sea salt, clay and jojoba

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