Maniday: Long Nails

It’s maniday. Every Monday we share what we’re wearing on our nails and why.

Chloe Moretz nail art

Chloe Moretz’s nail art

Howdy! I’m writing this from Tassie. Well, not really. I actually scheduled it in advance, Back-To-The-Future style. Right now I’m sitting at my desk in my pjs contemplating having a shower.

I ummed and ahhed about whether or not I’d continue to paint my nails while I’m away. I love having colourful nails so freakin much but … I don’t want to risk air bubbles in my bottles from jostling suitcases and high altitude. So instead I’ve decided to give my nails a much-needed break by trimming them super short and excessively rubbing paw paw into the cuticles. I’m getting my nail polish fix by scouring the internet drooling over everyone else’s nails while feeling a bit naked, like a freshly shaven cat.


While living vicariously through others, I came across Chloe Moretz’s instagram pic (see above) taken of her birthday nails. You might recognise the 16-year-old actor from her work on 30 Rock, 500 Days of Summer or Hugo. Although she found her way into my heart with her role as Hit Girl in Kick-Ass. Three years on and there’s not a doubt that Moretz is still one kick-ass chick.

But back to her nail-arty fingers. I really really want to love them but the thing is I’ve never really liked long nails. In fact, they kind of gross me out. Maybe it has something to do with being traumatised by Roald Dahl’s The Witches as a kid, but when I see anything long I think witch witch witch. The longest I’d go is a millimetre or two over my fingertip. If you look at the pic above that’s a good 5 millimetres. What’s 3 mm you might ask? To that I say, well-played my friend. What is three millimetres?


It got me thinking, how long is too long? Long nails are popular so maybe it’s time to overcome my phobia. Any tips on overcoming irrational fears would be much appreciated. In the meantime take a look at some of the Grammy pics below and let me know what you  prefer.

Long nails

florence-welch-nails-grammysUS-MUSIC-GRAMMY AWARDS-ARRIVALSpo2cexkk1c

Florence Welch, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez

Short nails

carly-rae-jepsen-grammys-2Janelle Monae-Nailtaylor-swift-grammy-manicure

Carly Rae Jepsen, Janelle Monáe (my fave length), Taylor Swift

For more nail porn from the Grammys check out E Online’s awkward mani cam.

And finally, here’s a 20 second clip of Chloe Moretz three years ago as Hit Girl. There’s no violence in it but it’s still not safe for work. Who else is pumped for Kick-Ass 2?

2 thoughts on “Maniday: Long Nails

  1. I’m with you, my favourite nail length is Monáe’s. But I really like how Chloe Moret’s nails look in the second shot. Perhaps longer nails suit pastels?

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