Australis intesifeye quad in You Beauty

Have you ever bought one of those multi-coloured shadow palettes thinking of all the possibilities before realising only a quarter of it suits you? That’s the story of me and the Intesifeye Quad eye shadow in You Beauty by Australis.

I just don’t need fifty shades of pink. And it doesn’t take a genius to see that I only like baby pink on my lids- anything slightly darker on me and I look like I have an infection or pink eye.


Emma Salkild's valentine's day looks with Australis intensifeye quad eye shadow in you beauty

Is this the worse beauty blog image you’ve ever seen?

Soooo… in the lead up to V Day I thought I’d give the rest of the pinks another chance. Because everyone deserves a second chance, right? Except for two-timers – they only get one chance.

Look one – soft pink eyes with bright red lips

“Don’t be caught dead in pink and red,” they say. And to that I say, “whatevs”. Who came up with that term anyway? Someone who is now ninety and thinks purple tints over grey hair is becoming. My 10-year-old neighbour told me I looked nice so  the new generation care not for rules.

Eyes = This is the softest pink on the far left of the palette, ie my fave. I used up the last of it for this photo.

Lips = Australis Firecracker lipliner ($8.95) and cha cha colour inject mineral lipstick ($12.95) because red lips on Valentine’s day makes sense to me. It’s not drying at all and the colour is amazing.

Australis firecracker lipliner and cha cha lipstick with intesifeye shadow

Look one

Look two – Pink eyes with glossy lips

Eyes = Second from left. We’re starting to get more pigmented now. It’s a bit shimmery. I can handle it but am now in the I’m-never-going-to-buy-this-again territory.

Lips = Face of Australia massage therapy in torquay ($10.95). This gloss is my favourite lip gloss right now. Really shiny and thick and perfect colour for my toning.

IMG_2891 - Version 2IMG_2889 - Version 2

Look three – egad! That’s ghastly

Eyes =  Second from right

Lips =  Innoxa Baby doll summer matte lipstick ($14.95).

Please be my valentine

Please be my valentine


Waddya mean it’s not the eighties?

Look four – bright pink eyes with soft lips

Eyes = The darkest pink, far right colour. Note how I’m no longer showing you close-ups. Yeah, I could have a bad infection here. It’s a bold pink – too dark and pigmented for me.

Lips = Natio soft pink lipstick ($14.95). I thought to counteract the dark eyes I’d try Natio’s soft pink colour but this is too soft. My lips are verging on white here – eeek. I think I’ll pull out the lippie again for a retro look.

The time has come to farewell the Australis intesifeye quad – or hand it over to Kate, my olive-skinned partner-in-crime anyway. As much as I wanted to, I just can’t force it to look okay.

Emma Salkild's gives Valentine's day looks on My Fair Lipstick. Australis eye shadow and natio lipstick

I love you Bowie

I love you Bowie

For more tips on wearing pink eye shadow:

 This Irish Beauty Blog is very informative with some dos and don’ts.

Heather Davern does awesome blending of different shades of pink.

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