Maniday: Valentine’s Day nails

It’s maniday. Every Monday we share what we’re wearing on our nails and why.

Marilyn Monroe with red nails

The exquisite Marilyn Monroe

It’s V Day soon. Or maybe for some it feels like D Day. It doesn’t matter whether you are flying solo or coupled up, it’s the perfect excuse to bring out the red.

History of red nails

Did you know that people in the 9th Century would tint their nails with scented red oils? Or that in the 1930s Eleanor Roosevelt was the first of the first ladies to wear it in public? It’s no cliché that red nails are timeless.

Beyonce rocks out red nails for the President

Beyoncé rocks out red nails for the President

Red nails today

Who wears red varnish today? The vixen, the girl next door, the manic pixie dream girl, the intellectual, and the list goes on and on. Most importantly, it suits everyone. So here are some tips on how to add some fire to your fingertips.

Australis Valentine

Australis Valentine

Look one: classic 

You can’t beat the classic red nail look. My favourite is Valentine by Australis. It’s bold, bright, cheap as chips ($7.95), only needs one coat and is long-lasting.

Australis valentine nail polish

Australis Valentine goes well with a glass of white wine

Look  two: coloured French manicure

Call me old fashioned, or boring, but I’m not one for nail art or French polish. I love looking at it on other people but when it comes to my nails I’m all about the block colours. The reason why I’m so obsessed with nail polish is because it’s an instant pick-me-up. A wash of bright colour can make my day. Coloured French manicures seem to be a happy medium because you still get that vibrant impact. Here’s my first attempt:

Australis Valentine and Natio Mulberry

Australis Valentine and Natio Mulberry

I used a pair of clippers to make the moon shape on a piece of sticky tape. Then I painted Natio’s Mulberry ($5.95) from their Little Treasures range over the top. I’d definitely try this again. My only fear is that the dark burgundy colour might look like I’ve got dirty nails.

Australis Valentine polish and Natio Mulberry

Getting crafty for Valentine’s

Look three: pink and red

It should be said, to wear pink and red … see what I did there? So, after my French mani I got a little bit more experimental. For the base coat I used Natio’s Fuchsia ($5.95). This one requires two coats. Then I taped the bottom half of the nail and added one thick coat of Australis Valentine.

Emma Salkild's beauty post on Valentine's day nails with cruelty free nail polish from Australis and Face of Australia

Trying my hand at nail art

On the other hand I experimented with diagonal stripes. I choose to mix up the stripes randomly. Having them all in one direction looks really neat and eye-catching. One of the best things about polish is if you mess it up it only takes ten minutes to take off. So muck around and have some fun. Especially when a bottle of polish like Australis and Natio’s Little Treasures ranges between $6-$8.

Emma Salkild's beauty post on Valentine's day nails with cruelty free nail polish from Australis and Face of Australia

Trying my hand at nail art

Please be my valentine Kristen… 

So whatever your plans are this Valentine’s Day, I hope you have a laugh. It’s good to remember this day was created to sell cards. Any pressure we feel is thanks to over-realistic, consumeristic hype. So I reckon, don’t take Valentine’s Day seriously. Hug your dog, send a nice message to your mum, get giggly with your girlfriends, do whatever makes you feel happy.

To get you in the “silly” mood here’s a tumblr dedicated to Bridesmaids gifs. Ever since I saw Kristen Wiig play Gilly in an SNL skit she became my hero. Then Bridesmaids came along and blew me away. But did anyone else spend the movie fixated with her red nails?  She had a wicked mani, even when she hit rock bottom. How impressive is that? In fact I’m so impressed I’m dedicating my love this Valentine’s Day to Ms Wiig and her crimson nails. What a gal.

Bridesmaids hilarious sceneBRIDESMAIDSbm1

Let us know what you’re wearing in the comments below.

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