It’s FABruary

Style Dares. Have you heard of them? It all started when blogger Fox In Flats dared her readers to wear red lipstick every day for a week. It went gangbusters. Now people from all around the world are chomping at the bit to be taken outside their comfort zones. I’ve been doing them for a while now and lemme tell ya it’s a lot of fun. The support you get is unbelievable. Strangers liking your posts and leaving flattering comments can be a much-needed ego boost, particularly for those of us who have been stuck in a style rut. 

Well, the Fox has set 28 dares for each day of February. It’s FABruary. It’s going to be huge. And y’all should do it because it’s fun and the Fox in Flats community are gorgeous, encouraging peeps without a mean word to say.

If you are on board (yay us) you might enjoy these tips on how to keep FABruary cruelty free.

Emma Salkild's post on Australia day nails

Add some glitter to your nails

Day 2 – Glitter

The last two manidays I’ve talked about glitter top coats. If you don’t mind extra time spent on polish removal try this look. It’s a fun and affordable way to add some sparkle to your day. Australis is the way to go – after all, their New Year’s resolution is to add more glitter. I’ve used Fairy Bread and Eureka but Australis has a stack of sparkle to choose from in their “special effects” range.

Emma Salkild's review of De Lorenzo's dry shampoo

Don’t wash your hair – add some dry shampoo

Day 4 ponytail

Planning Day 4 to be in between washes? Get some dry shampoo on your locks with De Lorenzo. If like me you find that too exxy I highly recommend No Drought by Lush. I spent $13.50 on mine and it’s lasts for months. I think it’s safe to say it’s the cheapest dry shampoo you’ll find and probably the most eco-friendly.

Naomi Watts rocks out green nails

Naomi Watts rocks out green nails

Day 6 – Green

Emerald Green is this year’s “it” colour but for a lot of us it can be daunting. We don’t want to look like we’re covered in pea soup or baby poo. So why not trust in the celebrities and take a tip from Naomi Watts and get a green mani? She looked divine at this year’s SAG awards. Face of Australia has an array of green shades to choose from for under 8 bucks.

Or add some green to your eyes.

Day 10 – bright

My favourite nail polish right now is Bombshell by Australis. They have a whole Brights range which will be just perfect for Day 10. Or try Face of Australia’s Show Off – a bright coral colour.

Add some  midnight blue to your eyes with Barry M. I’ve tried the gold and it’s a beautiful, soft product that lasts a long long time. Remember to order via Asos so you don’t pay shipping – woo. Or channel Nichole Richie and try Inika’s mineral eyeshadow in Turquoise.

Jessica Alba perfects orange lipstick

Jessica Alba perfects orange lipstick

Day 12 – orange lipstick

I’m an orange lippie virgin. So I woke up first thing this morning, scoured the internet for some reviews and ordered Barry M’s flamingo peach ultra moisturising lip paint. I can’t wait to try it. If you go down my route make sure you get the “moisturising” as I’ve read a few reviews saying the regular lip paints are very drying.

Not in the online shopping mood? Check out Innoxa’s Tangerine or Inika’s lip whip in Peach.

Day 14 – quiffs

Need some texture to your hair for the quiff?  Add De Lorenzo’s sea salt spray. Get your hair clean a day or two before with Alchemy’s shampoo for normal hair.

Day 16 – Leggy

It’s time to get our legs out. If you’re pale skinned like me – embrace it. Although, I can’t take my own advice and have been using Moogoo’s gradual tanner. Besides having the best name ever – How Now Brown Cow – is light, gentle and doesn’t have that overpowering chemical smell like most tanners.

I want a bun like Drew's

I want a bun like Drew’s

Day 18 – buns

We’ve past the halfway mark of the month’s dare and with all this fabulousness happening all over the place our wallets may be looking a little on the skinny side. Never fear, Kate has found a gentle, paraben and sulfate free shampoo that suits all hair types and costs $3.45. Thanks Natures Organics – today’s style dare is brought to you by less than the cost of a cup of coffee. Yeeha. That means more to spend on … fragrance.

Day 20 – fragrance

Fragrances can come cruelty free too. Head down to Lush or Perfect Potion and find yourself a new signature scent – because you’re worth it!

Crimson, Scarlett, Valentine

Crimson, Scarlett, Valentine

 Day 21 – red

This is probably easy peasy for most of us. And it’s fun to experiment with fifty shades of red. I hear that Gwyn thinks grey can be a “fun” colour too *wink* *wink*. For the classic red nail look I love Valentine by Australis or Natio’s Scarlett in their Little Treasures range. For a more vampy look try Crimson, also in the Little Treasures range by Natio. Can a girl ever have too many red polishes? On my wishlist is Innoxa’s In the Red.

Australis firecracker lipliner and cha cha lipstick with intesifeye shadow

Australis firecracker lipliner and cha cha lipstick

Or if red lippie is more your thing try Innoxa’s Poppy or FigInika‘s Electric Red and Natio‘s Ruby look super pretty too.

Glossy hair with Sukin

Glossy hair with Sukin

Day 24 – glossy

Get glossy hair with Sukin’s Botanical Hair Treatment. Or try using coconut oil for a hair mask – be careful if you have oily hair though as this stuff is powerful!

My favourite lip gloss right now is Face of Australia’s Torquay.

Day 27 – retro

Adding some winged liner can be the quickest way to add some retro. I’ve used Face Of Australia but you could also try Barry M’s liquid liner.

For nude lips I use Natio’s soft pink lipstick and I instantly feel swinging sixties.

These are a few of my favourite pink things

These are a few of my favourite pink things

Day 28 – Pink

I think I might love pink even more than I love red. Add some pink to your lips even if they’re on the small side. Get rosy with Australis or Barry M’s coral blush.

Dianna Agron splendid in pink

Dianna Agron splendid in pink

Take a leaf out of Dianna Agron’s SAG look and put some pink on your peepers. I’ll be publishing a post soon on Intensifeye Quad in You Beauty by Australis and how I only use the lightest shade of pink but if you think you’d make good use of a four palette than this is the product for you. If you want to stick to individual shadows you could also try Inika’s Fairy Floss or Barry M.

For nails try Innoxa’s pomegranate or Natio’s Fuschia in their Little Treasures range (see image above).

So will you be doing FABruary? Keep us posted – we’d love to know what products you used.

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