Maniday: Australis – Fairy Bread

It’s maniday. Every Monday we like to share what we’re wearing on our nails and why.

Brand: Australis

Colour: Fairy Bread as part of their limited edition anniversary range. It’s a clear varnish with giant multicoloured glitter flecks.

Price: $7.95 from Priceline, Kmart and Big W. Or shop online.

Why: I actually bought this for festive cheer before Christmas.

Verdict (Yay or Nay): It’s got a chunky texture and even with a top coat the surface is quite coarse. I obsessively run my hands through my hair and the glitter would tug. It’s a bit of fun but also looks like I’ve gone nuts in a kids craft class.

I’ve also learnt glitter top coats are a pain to remove. I found this helpful blog post by Bella Sugar on how to effectively take off glitter top coats but even with the good advice I just can’t be stuffed. After this and Eureka by Australis, I am turned off glitter/sparkley nail polishes now. It can look good as an accent nail over pastels or dark colours. However, not only would I not buy this again – I’d never wear it again. I ended up giving it away. NAY!

Some glitter over red nails for a festive feel

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