Green eyes for Australia Day

On this week’s Maniday I mentioned some Australia Day nails ideas. I thought I could bring some green to my eyes to match the gold nails. Although, if you go green it’s probably best if you skip the red lippy to avoid looking like a Christmas card.

If you’ve got darker colouring why not try gold eyes and green nails.

So here are some different ways to achieve green eyes:

Australis – Intensifeye trio

out of the blue

Colour: Okay, I’m a doofus. I actually thought I was buying Far Out Brussel Sprout – the name would take me back to childhood memories of the book.  But oh no … I bought Out of the Blue which I’ve now found out is discounted. That’s what you get for shopping with a baby who wants out of the pram – NOW! But I’m actually glad I got it because the colours are vibrant and pretty. So if you like the look of this head over to Priceline, Big W or Kmart  asap – you may get a discount too. Woohoo.

Middle green shadow applied wet

Middle green shadow applied wet

Price: Intesifeye trio costs $11.95 from Priceline, Big W or Kmart or shop online.

Verdict: I think I’ll get a lot of use out of this. The white shadow is perfect for applying on the tops of the lids just under the brows. They say green eyeshadow best suits green eyes and olive skin but I still like the way the dry shadow looks on me – dry – which is more subtle and flattering. When it’s wet it’s quite pigmented, so go easy … I’m not convinced the wet suits my colouring. At the very least the wet would be more suited to night.


I layered the shadow here

It’s fairly long lasting too. I’m really happy with this product and glad I bought it as I could do with stepping out of my neutral eyeshadow comfort zone. YAY!

Face of Australia – Eye Definer


Colour: Jade – an olivey shade

Price: $7.45 from  Priceline, Big W or Kmart or shop online.


Verdict (yay or nay) – it’s soft enough to not tug or pull on the lid and lasts a while. It’s a subtle colour I’m so happy with the colour that I think this will be what I wear this Australia Day – YAY!

Getting out of my comfort zone with liner on the waterline

Getting out of my comfort zone with liner on the waterline

For more tips:

Huffington Post gives some great advice on how to wear green and shows us 15 celebrities who are rocking the trend.

Beautyholics Anonymous reviews Out of the Blue by Australis.

Hope you guys have an awesome day off tomorrow x

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