Sukin – Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil

Kate Derrick's review on My Fair Lipstick of Sukin's 100% Organic Rose Hip Oil

Ed’s note: This post was written by Contributor, Kate Derrick.

Brand/Product: Sukin Rose Hip Oil.

Price: I bought mine for $19.99 from Priceline for a 25 ml bottle. You can also grab it at various pharmacies.

Why We Love It: It’s Vegan and Sukin have a commitment to environmental sustainability. Their Rose Hip Oil is 100% organic.

I was sceptical about using rose hip oil. My skin tends to be oily and so I’ve mostly used oil-free moisturisers. Consequently I was very pleasantly surprised to find how great rose hip oil was on my skin. It’s light and absorbs really easily. It also feels really great to be putting something natural on my skin.

Generally people use rose hip oil on their skin as a serum under a moisturiser at night. However, I found I have no need for a moisturiser on top of the rose hip oil and simply use the rose hip oil alone after cleansing at night. I need four drops only for my face and neck so the bottle lasts ages. A great tip from Emma’s mum is to use rose hip oil on your chest to combat the sun-damaged look so many Aussie women have in that area. Just be careful not to get this orange oil on clothes or towels though. Perhaps the stain would wash out, but I haven’t put this to the test.

Verdict (Yay or Nay):  Yay! I should have given rose hip oil a try years ago.

Check out this great fact sheet by Sukin on different uses for rose hip oil.

These gorgeous girls also include rose hip oil in their beauty routine:

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

5 thoughts on “Sukin – Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil

  1. I’ve only ever tried Trilogy which has worked well for me. But I’ll have to get this and do a little contrast and compare 😉

    Also Sukin is cheaper. Trilogy is $21.95 for 20ml – interesting …

  2. I don’t know how to get it out of material. I got some on the sheets as I tried to put it on my face lying down. :/

  3. Yeah I’m quite careful not to get it on fabric and I don’t put my face on the sheets straight after putting on Rose Hip Oil, but I have found it absorbs into the skin quite quickly. I would suggest to anyone using it to give it 5-10 minutes to absorb before touching your face with fabric just to be sure.

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