Maniday: Australia Day nails

Emma Salkild's pic of a Coopers Beer and Gold nail polish for Australia Day

Gold glitter nail polish and a schooner of Coopers

I feel conflicted when it comes to Australia Day. While I’m not one to complain about a public holiday and spending time with my loved ones, there’s definitely an apprehension when it comes to celebrating an event that is also known as “invasion day”.

Even though I love Australia, I also have a deep sense of shame when it comes to both our past history and the present. A friend of mine who grew up here was repeatedly subjected to taunts of “chink” and “go back to China” as a kid. Another friend was speaking Polish to her mother in Bunnings recently and was told “this is Australia, speak English” – she also grew up here and is one of the most eloquent and well-spoken people I know. An Aboriginal friend while working as a nurse, had to endure intolerant ramblings of his elderly patient about how much “special treatment goes to those Aboriginal people” and all he could think was “we weren’t even allowed to vote until the seventies”. It’s gross. It happens all the time. And it needs to stop. I worry that by “celebrating” this Saturday I might be condoning this sort of behaviour.

Emma Salkild's post on gold nails for Australia day

I love my Bison cup. I dislike my puffy eyes from too many beers.

I hope in the future this country will be free from racism. That there will be tolerance and respect for all people. Maybe then it will be okay to wear green and gold without seeming like a racist. Or maybe our colours will change altogether so we can start afresh, like a blank page full of endless possibilities of love and kindness.

In the meantime, here are some subtle ways to celebrate Australia Day without feeling like a flag-waving, One Nation supporter.

Emma Salkild's post on Australia day nails

Put some gold on your nails

I thought this week I would try gold nails and green eyes for Australia Day. So, I’ve painted my nails a pastel yellow with a gold glitter top coat on the accent nail. I did this with Natio’s lemon in their Little Treasures range and Eureka by Australis.

Australis – Eureka

Australis has a range of “special effects” nail polishes. Eureka is a glitter top coat. It’s pretty thick and chunky and a real pain to take off. If you’re like me and find that all these fancy new glitter top coats are just too much work, why not do an accent nail? An accent nail just means painting one nail differently. It tends to be done on your ring finger but the world is your creative oyster when it comes to nails.

Price: $7.95 from Priceline, Kmart, Big W or shop online.

Verdict (yay or nay): Yesterday, a friend at the pub commented I look like I’ve gone nuts in the craft room, which is something I’ve felt before with these glittery top coats – keep your eyes peeled for my review of Fairy Bread by Australis too. As I’ve already mentioned, my biggest gripe with this polish is how painstakingly long and tedious it is to take off. I do love other nail polishes by Australis but I think for this one I will have to say: NAY!

Emma Salkild's review of Eureka by Australis - glitter top coat - for Australia Day

Experiment with how thick you add Eureka. I think I prefer the thin layer…

Natio – Lemon

I was disappointed with this too. It came out streaky so I was actually glad to add the top coat to hide its unevenness. I’ll give it a second chance and make sure my nails have been well buffed before. So no verdict from me today.

Price – $5.95 from Myer, David Jones and selected chemists.

And dear readers, in the words of Ellen (Kate and I adore her) – this Australia Day remember to: be kind to one another 😉

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