Face of Australia – liquid liner

Brand: Face of Australia liquid liner.

Price: $8.95 at Priceline. I’m yet to find a cheaper liquid liner. You can also find it online.

Why we love it: Australian owned. This brand is great quality at bargain prices.


Verdict (yay or nay):  This is the first time I have bought liquid liner. After completing the fuschia lips style challenge by Fox in Flats I decided to be a bit adventurous. I’ve always stuck to using eyeshadow but this was surprisingly easy to use. I even tried out the winged eyeliner look.

My first winged eyeliner look

My first winged eyeliner look

And because this product is so cheap I didn’t mind redoing a couple of times to really get it right. I love love love this and would definitely buy again. YAY!

Tip: Like mascara, it’s probably best to ditch liquid liner 3-6 months after opening – I set a little reminder in iCal because my memory is shocking. Our eyes are precious, sensitive things and we should take care of them. And at a price of $8.95 it just means an excuse to try a new colour come trash day.

Check out this video from a few years ago on how to do a winged eyeliner by Australis.

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